November 30, 2008

Plausible denial?

"mmm... smells delicious! Perhaps the bipedals will share something with me..."

"It wasn't me... I know nothing about it"

Seriously now, Stepan is really very well behaved near the table, even if something delicious is served. He stays close, shows his appreciation for the smells closing his eyes and feeling the air (like a real gourmet - I'll try to get a photo of that), but that's all. He never tries to "inspect" by himself, he doesn't ask for a morsel. Just waits for our initiative and if that doesn't happen goes to lay at one of his usual spots.

I admit that the temptation to share food with him is great but on the other hand I cannot take out of my mind all the bad things that can happen to a cat if you don't show proper discipline with his diet. Sorry Stepan, tough luck!

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