December 12, 2008

(Cat)Food Crisis!

It could happen to anyone... Yesterday I ran out of cat food! Even worst, I discovered this only when it was already late and all the pet shops in my neighborhood had closed. Fortunately, I had a couple of cat food cans stored somewhere just for such emergencies... And even that was too late for a hungry cat. See how he tries to participate in the process of warming his food (if you pay close attention you can even notice he's licking his lips).

But that's not the happy ending of the story... Having gotten used to dry food he showed his disapproval for the can after just a couple of morsels... (as my vet tells me they'll always show you what they want, even without a word). I quickly googled for any cat food recipes I could prepare by myself. Yes, they do exist, but they all required time plus ingredients I didn't have. So I ended up steaming some rice, then mashing it and mixing it with the rest of the canned food. It saved the day.

And today...! Cat food bliss!
(Hey Stepan! you shouldn't be reading during dinner)

All is finally well!

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