December 21, 2008

"I want out!"

As you probably have guessed, Stepan is living mostly indoors and seems to be well adapted. Still, a cat's heart will always desire to roam outside, even if it's just a big balcony on the 4th floor and away from all the cat-action taking place on the street. I suppose even the balcony with the fresh air, plants, smells and noises must be more exciting for him than staying indoors all the time.

So, there he goes...

The pictures of course don't tell the whole story; Outside it's c o l d! He comes right back after a few minutes. If it's windy too, he'll change his mind right away!

Some times I close the door behind him to keep the house warm. After a couple of minutes he wants in again and I have to get up and go open once more. And later he may remember that he has unfinished business outside and the game starts over again ...and again.

When are they going to invent automatic cat doors? And please make them respond just to the right tone of meow!

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