December 29, 2008

Tender encounters

As I wrote in a previous post Stepan is not all alone in the family. We're also the happy parents of a 4 month old baby boy. Generally, Stepan has adapted very well to the new situation at home (it helps that the baby is very calm and quiet.) Still, he's usually cautious towards the newcomer...

There are times however when he just doesn't want to be left out. When he was standing on my desk yesterday afternoon he didn't try avoid the baby. A little bite of jealousy perhaps?

So, we just helped little I.-N. reach out and touch the soft velvet pelt. And Stepan seemed to like it, purring, accepting the touch and himself reaching out for the small hand.

Little I.-N. is having his first real life experiences and Stepan is one of them. I really wonder if later he'll remember anything from these encounters. In any case, it will be part of the synapses he builds fast during this stage in life. Hopefully it will be a positive effect...

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