March 28, 2009

"Don't shoot, it's just a poor cat"

It happened a few days ago: big thunderstorm brewing outside and some really impressive bolts hit nearby. Suddenly Stepan realized something frightening was going on and decided to put aside his hard-to-get stance. He run directly at us seeking refuge...

I hope some petting and calm words will make him feel better!


  1. Hi Gatuli,
    I have never met any other british shorthair cat bloggers. Nice to meet you.

    Poppy Q

  2. Oh and Stepan, I am a girl cat!! So I could be your twin sister!!

    Poppy q

  3. I have sent a note to the Cat Blogosphere, so that cats know to come and say hello to you.

    You can find the cat blogosphere by going to this website:

    They provide a sort of community noticeboard of all the cat bloggers. It costs nothing to belong, and you can catch up on what everybuddy is up to!!

    Poppy and mum Q

  4. Hi Stepan, it's lovely to meet you. You are so handsome and it's great to see how much you help out your humans.

    Whicky Wuudler