April 21, 2009

Fastest way to wake up a cat

Think he's in the middle of a deep sleep?

Just bring a nice slice of salami(!!!) close...

"Is it a dream?"

Just 0.001 seconds later...
Our cat is fully awake, alert and standing by for further developments*...

*Couldn't give him any however...


  1. That would bring a cat out of a deep sleep!

  2. Awww I thought they would share it with you after teasing you with it!!

    I like ham but don't do any other human food.

  3. Salami looks pretty yummy,we might wake up for that.

  4. Wish I could share with him... In the past I've had some great times with a cat, sharing a delicious dish piece by piece. But salami, or almost any kind of human food for that matter, wouldn't do him any good...