August 10, 2009

We feel good!

The dreaded Holiday Trip is over! I'm back and we're very happy to be together again!

Once again I faced the age old dilemma of what is the best thing to do with your precious companion when you are on vacation. My options were:

a. Take him to a friend's home. Terrible idea... As he is easily afraid and annoyed by unknown environments he would be unhappy and, as it has happened on other occasions, he would spend all day under the sofa only to come out late each night for food, toilet and exploration. Among other things my cat lover friend would not get any pleasure from him.

b. Send him to a pet hostel. The worst option possible... The noises, screams, barks, miaows, and smells of the other guests would completely upset him. He would probably spend all days in the back of his "room" looking away...

c. Take him with us. Not that it's a bad idea, but it would require some special arrangements (cat leash? check one of the next posts...). Most important, I was traveling overseas, so I have to cross this option out...

d. Leave him at home and have friends come over to take care of him (at least once every 2 days).

The last proved to be the best solution. I have done it before and he seems to cope quite well in his "natural" environment. I only got about of 30' of "complaints" when I got back.

Of course we can now put all this behind us and get back to normal life... :-)

P.S. And your opinion? Any other suggestions to try?


  1. Welcome back!

    We leave our babies at home ans our daughter Who works in our town comes by at lunch ans feeds and plays with them.

  2. If it is only a day or two, having someone come over and feed Poppy is Ok. Any longer than 1 night away, she goes to the pet hotel which is at the vets. At least there I know she is safe.