January 25, 2010

We've been tired...

With the weather as wet as experienced by Stepan's "twin" some times (and certainly very cold,) it's hard to find him wandering anywhere in the house.

Just as expected from a British Shorthair he likes to "rest" a lot. Spending the winter at the coziest, warmest place in the house; under the bed, in his basket. And there it's quiet from the Little-one too (though he can still find Stepan if he wants it).

"You take all the photos you like, I'll just take another nap"

Still keeping the radar on (look at those ears!), just in case....


  1. Of course, *I* would enjoy it more of Stepan would come sleep next to me (would be warmer that way too), but (as always) he has his own agenda.