July 20, 2013

Just missing him

Goodbye beautiful friend. Thank you for your tender support all these years

Not feeling so well... always comfy though

With lots of Love, always...
Your family 

October 17, 2011

Let's play it cool

The new family member is equally excited to have Stepan in his life...

"I'll just keep going my way and hope there's no closer contact today. Just a few more steps..."

July 11, 2011

God Speed Atlantis and Crew!

Took the photo on Friday July 8, 2011. We will miss Atlantis and all the rest of the fine birds once this last mission safely comes home.

On the other hand, we are ready to launch too at a moment's notice!

April 05, 2011

The Great Cat Safari!

The Little One was looking for Stepan but he was looking to get some rest...

His "stealth mode" seems to work... Can you notice Stepan as he has "blended" with the environment?

"So far so good"

The Little One is thrilled! He's found him!

"Oups! they found me..."

...But we only want to show some affection!

"OK, OK, I've had enough of that. you know how to spoil a good nap"

March 05, 2011

"What's this?"

New things have appeared, he must, as usual, investigate

"How about that? Somebody forgot these wooden boards here"

"They have just the right smell and they look perfect for scratching and stretching and climbing, and, and..."

"OK, nothing much here, wonder why you all get so excited with such simple things"

March 04, 2011

Like a true British Shorthair he demands to be close and this leaves me no option but to...

...shoot at close range!

Funny how the gray coat becomes silver with the camera flash.

March 03, 2011

The best work buddy...

...a home worker could ever have

Most of the time perfectly quiet. He just wants to be part of it...

February 22, 2011


...bed surfing

"You have it all wrong! Sitting here I'm decorating the bed"